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  • Gerbera flower hypoallergenic
  • Gerber can stay in the water for more than 20 days
  • Gerbera blends beautifully with any flowers

Benefits gerbera

  • Our gerbera grown in Ukraine
  • Wide range of variety
  • Wide range of colors
  • Long shelf life
  • Hypoallergenic flower

3 steps for cooperation

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Call us on +38 (03636) 3-97-99 or request a call back and we will contact you shortly

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We will discuss with you the quantity, date, address and convenient option for you flower delivery

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Trial consignment

We are confident in their colors and we hope that after the first order our cooperation will be permanent

Gerbera - flower familiar from childhood. Bright, expressive and a little naive, this flower looks like a small sun, enjoys great popularity around the world. Having a circular shape, a very positive energy gerbera flower bouquets so with them - warm, bright and cheery. They are suitable for men and women, and children. Gerber is one of the few flowers in the world, does not cause allergies, so gerbera often seen in hospitals. Colours gerbera also incredibly diverse - from light - red to languidly - purple. Gerbera - convivial flower and looks good with the other colors. Bouquet of gerbera than one week will delight you with its warmth and beauty. Here is this mysterious flower - gerbera.

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